10 Questions with Patricia Place

In this 10 Questions interview with Pat Place, Managing Broker North Shore Region, discover how she first got into real estate, her favourite thing about working at Macdonald Realty, and her recommended read.

How did you get into the real estate industry? I was hired as an office manager in a real estate office. I had no idea what real estate was all about and what agents actually do so I became very interested in the profession. A few years later I wrote my real estate exam and became a licensed agent.

What led to you to become a managing broker? While working as an agent, the owner of the company encouraged and convinced me to take my Broker’s course. I passed the exam and became the managing broker for three of the offices. I am very grateful that I agreed to take the exam. I love what I do and the people I get to work with on a daily basis. It gives me great pleasure to help and support the agents and watch them achieve their success.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you first got into real estate? I wish I knew how important it was to have a great support system and an office environment that energizes people, releases creativity, and cultivates work culture that is enjoyable and productive.

A group photo of Macdonald Realty's annual award recipients from the Squamish office.
Above (from left to right): Squamish agents Brooke Voigt, Rae Place, Paula Funes, Julie Phoenix, Cassandra Ramsay, Matt Lees, Pat Place, Scott McQuade, Alex Vark, Michelle (Squamish Conveyancing), and Mike Jones.

What is your advice to someone who wants to become an agent? First and foremost is ensuring that they understand what is involved when you get into the real estate profession. Is this the career for them? Are they aware of the work that is required to be a successful agent? Career in real estate can be fulfilling and financially rewarding but it’s not easy. It takes a lot of work and dedication when you are starting out and it may not result in an immediate pay check. Earning a living selling real estate may be a struggle for several months, it just doesn’t happen overnight.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received (related to real estate industry)? The best piece of advice I have received is that honesty and integrity is crucial to a long and successful career in real estate. You need to make things happen, they just don’t happen on their own. Building and nurturing relationships is also important.

Why do you enjoy working in the real estate industry? I enjoy what I do and the people I do it with. I am a people person and get pleasure in helping and supporting the agents. I get excited when I am involved with their first listing or sale and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction when agents are successful.

What is your favourite thing about working at Macdonald Realty? First and foremost, it’s the leadership of our CEO followed by the amazing management team, awesome support staff and of course our incredible agents who are truly professional, extremely dedicated to their business and loyal to the company. It’s a pleasure coming to work on a daily basis. We consider ourselves as one big happy family.

Pat’s mouthwatering Christmas spread (2023).
Pat’s homemade cheesy bread – gorgeous!

What is a fun fact about yourself? I truly enjoy cooking, gardening and spending time with my family, especially my precious granddaughter. I also love karaoke and have suggested to my agents that we should have a karaoke night. Still working on that suggestion.

What is your favorite quote? I actually have two quotes that I favour: “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” and “believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

What is a book that everyone should read? Personally I enjoyed the book  “Do Hard Things” as it is relevant to our every day lives. When facing difficult challenges, instead of plowing ahead, it’s better to slow down, orient yourself, and make thoughtful decisions on how best to move forward. There’s always more than one solution. In order to make the best decision, you accurately assess the problem and see what you can do to solve it. Emotions can play a huge part in how you come to make the right decision. Understanding your emotions helps you understand why you are feeling a certain way and allows you to make better decisions in both work and life resulting in making better choices.

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