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Why Hire a REALTOR®? It is really good for you to have a professional on your side to provide services of loyalty. Hire someone who is loyal to your specific needs and wants during a real estate transaction. It is very important that you hire a REALTOR® who keeps you informed with absolute full disclosure regarding the property you wish to buy or sell. Buying and selling a home is not something you do every day therefore, it is important to enlist the services of a professional who will create enforceable documents in Canadian law. Enforceable documents that protect you by clearly representing the terms and conditions set forth by all parties in the contracts. You want someone who has committed themselves to their passion of real estate and applied their time and knowledge to helping people like yourself. Someone who will help you to make the best possible decisions to create abundance through real estate transactions. Hire someone who will invest in the services you require to sell your home. Services such as house cleaning and staging. You will require professional photography, coloured brochures with glossy pages and quality print design. You will require 3D floor plans with accurate measurements. You will require videography with a social media advertising campaign as well as newspaper advertising. Dealing in real estate transactions can get tricky, and it is important to have an ear of reason at your side. Therefore, it is paramount that you hire someone you can talk to openly and honestly. Hire someone who answers your phone calls and text messages as soon as possible. Hire someone who listens to your requests and possesses the experience and wisdom to guide you to success. When you have made up your mind to take the plunge to buy and sell property I want you to remember reading this and I want you to call me. I am ready to help you with all of your real estate needs. Kindest Regards, Melanie Timms REALTOR®

Lyndan Properties

Lyndan Properties is a real estate development and investment firm dedicated to creating properties that meet the highest standards of quality, design, and sustainability. Having served the Greater Vancouver area since 2013, Lyndan has experience with every aspect of the development process from property selection, design development, construction, and marketing.

Macdonald Platinum Marketing

The Macdonald Platinum Marketing team offers a range of project marketing services including real estate project marketing, sales strategy development, and market research, to help clients effectively promote and sell their properties.

Macdonald Property Management

Macdonald Property Management provides residential and commercial property management and currently manages over $6 billion in BC properties with offices in Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Victoria.

Macdonald Commercial

Macdonald Commercial provides creative real estate solutions in the area of commercial sales and commercial leasing including: apartments, land, retail, office, industrial, shopping centres and other investments.  Macdonald Commercial has over 40 dedicated commercial brokers with a head office in Vancouver, and offices in the Fraser Valley and Victoria.  They are a proud member of CORFAC International, the premier network for independently owned commercial real estate firms.

Macdonald Realty

Carefully curated over the past 80 years, Macdonald Realty offers unparalleled industry expertise in every facet of real estate. From luxury, residential, commercial, project marketing, development and property management we have established a reputation built on knowledge and trust. Operating over 20 offices and 1,100+ agents, brokers and property managers in B.C., we are your best next move.