Board Awards 2023 – 2024

For sales performance in the year 2023

We’d like to congratulate all of our Macdonald Realty agents who received a Victoria Real Estate Board Award, a Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Medallion Club Team & Medallion Club Award or a Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Medallion Club, President’s Club or Medallion Club Team Award.

We are #REALPROUD to have you on our team!

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards are awarded to the top 30% of the membership based on sales volume as follows: Gold for the top 10%; Silver for the next 10%; Bronze for the next 10% of Victoria REALTORS®.


Leslee Farrell – Gold
Chris Gillespie – Gold
Dane Kingsbury – Gold
David Langlois – Gold
Tracy Keenan-Whyte – Silver
Niels Madsen – Silver
Robert Peterson – Silver
David Beswick – Bronze
Chris Brown – Bronze
Connie Brown – Bronze
Beverly Carey – Bronze
Rob MacLucas – Bronze
Riley Rebitt – Bronze
Brent Snelling – Bronze
Jenny Wu – Bronze


Erik Rapatz – Gold
Devin Sorenson – Gold
Chace Whitson – Gold
Shawn Dubois – Silver

Salt Spring Island

Kelly Regen – Gold
Sandra Smith – Gold
Julian Bruce – Silver
Heidi Kuhrt – Bronze

Top Awards

Team Top Dollar Volume (Second Place): Louise McKnight

Medallion Club

Medallion Club qualifiers represent the top 10% of Fraser Valley REALTORS®.

South Surrey / White Rock

Amy Dewaele – 6 Years (Top 1%)
Sarah Daniels – 7 Years
Scott Allen – 4 Years
Chris Harris – 6 Years
Janet Sheard – 3 Years
Anita Marler – 2 Years
Wendy Randle – 1 Year
Darren Opsahl – 3 Years
Glen Hopkins – 1 Year
Jas Kandola – 1 Year
Shawn Sawatzky – 5 Years
Jessica Do – 1 Year


Andy Schildhorn – 23 Years
Leigh Turnbull – 7 Years
Reza Mahmoodi – 3 Years
Juliana Reimer – 2 Years

Medallion Club Team Leaders

South Surrey / White Rock

Louise McKnight – 13 Years (Top 1%)
Justin Glasser – 18 Years (Top 1%)
Carly McClellan – 7 Years (Top 1%)
Darin Germyn – 11 Years (Top 1%)
Gabe Kadoranian – 10 Years (Top 1%)
Jason Deveau – 13 Years (Top 1%)
Greg Lock – 12 Years
Yvonne Van Gelderen – 19 Years
Greg Holmes – 12 Years
Tara Morrow – 11 Years


Kylene Shannon – 6 Years
Michelle Carlsen – 12 Years


Steve Karrasch – 2 Years (Top 1%)
Vijay Virk – 17 Years

Medallion Club

Medallion Club qualifiers represent the top 10% of Greater Vancouver REALTORS®.


T.J. Almodovar
Simon Clayton
Lorne Goldman
Jennifer Hickey
Richie Huang
Garth Lam
Eleana Ngo
Jennifer Ricci
Karley Rice
Clair Rockel
Sean Stevens
Jennifer West
Bing Bing Zhou

West Vancouver
Ashley Casali
Simon Coutts
Emily Sandhack

Maple Ridge
Jason Exner
Steve Yu

North Vancouver
Cameron Armstrong
Peter Ohrnberger
Scott Riddell
David Thon
Greg Wong

Kadie Bloom
Bobbi Crandall
Richard Getty
Steven Oh
Darryl Persello
Dimitri Schwartzman
Derek Tullis

Vancouver Downtown
Ben Kay
Mary Lynn Machado
Steven Tse

Christine Barton
Gena Belanger
Matthew Davies
Scott McQuade
Julie Phoenix

Platinum Marketing
Jerry Y. Wang

Mylen Almendarez
Michael Dickie
Anika Kirpal
Carsten Love
Derek Love
Tina Mak
Linda McNeill
Keenan Neilly
Anthony Tomlenovich
Marla Tomlenovich
Julie Wagner
Jacqueline Wennes
Barry Wong

Owen Bigland
Taylor Brown
Leeford Cheng
Emma Co
John Coulthard
Nancy Fong
Ken Hu
Sylvain Istifan
David Lindsay
Gary K. Louis
Marlene Ma
Chi S (Tommy) Ng
Sukhjinder Sadhre
Lawrence Siccia
Margaret Song
Chris Stylianou
Ally Teng
David (Wei) Wang
Ken Wong
Juliette (YongHong) Zhang

Life Member

Murphy Costello – 23 Years
Lorne Goldman – 36 Years

Derek Love – 21 Years
Keenan Neilly – 28 Years
Terry Gardiner – 24 Years
Dennis Nisbet – 20 Years
Terrence Passley – 26 Years
Kevin Perra – 26 Years
Ralph Telep – 45 Years

Maple Ridge
Lisa Telep – 28 Years

North Vancouver
Trevor Inglis – 25 Years

Chi S (Tommy) Ng – 22 Years
Janet Downey – 20 Years

President’s Club

President’s Club qualifiers represent the top 1% of Greater Vancouver REALTORS®.

Karley Rice – 16 Years

Kadie Bloom – 8 Years
Bobbi Crandall – 9 Years

Taylor Brown – 7 Years
Ken Hu – 6 Years
David Lindsay – 15 Years

Medallion Club Teams

T.J. Almodovar – 4 Years (Team Leader), Aidan Camfield – 0 Years (Team Member), Matt Grenaghan (Team Member)

Sherman Ma, 2 Years (Team Leader), Frankie Chu – 1 Year (Team Member), Jason Chan – 1 Year (Team Member), Nathan Choi – 0 Years (Team Member), Stephanie Dinh-Walsh – 0 Years (Team Member), Teresa Liu – 0 Years (Team Member), Vanessa Ram – 0 Years (Team Member)

Clair Rockel – 17 Years (Team Leader), Kylie Waters – 0 Years (Team Member), Dayna Wosk – 0 Years (Team Member)

Sean Stevens – 10 Years (Team Leader), Pam Haglof, 4 Years (Team Member)

Downtown Vancouver
Jordan Howard – 1 Year (Team Leader), Jordan Scott – 1 Year (Team Member), Thaddeus Howard – 0 Years (Team Member)

Platinum Marketing
Jerry Y. Wang – 3 Years (Team Leader), Anson Chan – 0 Years (Team Member)

Derek Love – 21 Years (Team Leader), Carsten Love – 12 Years (Team Leader)

Keenan Neilly – 28 Years (Team Leader), Kelly Huber – 0 Years (Team Member)

Owen Bigland – 6 Years (Team Leader), Kumal Bigland – 0 Years (Team Member)

Chris Stylianou – 13 Years (Team Leader), Jessica Chan – 0 Years (Team Member), Humraj Kallu – 0 Years (Team Member), Jeff Kuzik – 0 Years (Team Member), Joshua Lindenthaler – 0 Years (Team Member), Chris Stylianou – 0 Years (Team Member), Travis Taylor – 0 Years (Team Member)

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