Vancouver and British Columbia are at a high-risk of having an earthquake. Be prepared, and learn what you can do to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

For your family:

  • Identify objects in your home that could be dangerous during an emergency
  • Plan evacuation routes from every room in your home
  • Pick two meeting places where you and your family can get back together if you get separated – one close to your home, and one a little further away
  • Ask an out-of-province relative or friend to be your family contact person
  • Prepare your emergency kits
  • Teach family members how to turn off utilities, use a fire extinguisher, and call 9-1-1
  • Make arrangements for seniors and family members with special needs
  • Save digital copies of important documents — such as birth certificates and financial records — on a memory stick, or make photocopies of them
  • Think about what you might be able to contribute to your community; sharing a meal, tools, or a phone charger are especially meaningful in the days after an emergency

For your home:

  • Install latches on cupboards
  • Refer to emergency preparedness manuals that are available in bookstores and libraries.
  • Place large and heavy objects on lower shelves
  • Fasten tall furniture to the walls
  • Store breakable items, such as glass jars and china, in low closed cabinets with latches
  • Hang heavy items, such as pictures and mirrors, away from beds, couches, or anywhere people sit
  • Anchor overhead lighting fixtures securely to the ceiling
  • Know the locations of electric fuse or circuit breaker box, water service shut-off, and natural gas main shut-off as you may need to turn them off after the earthquake
  • Purchase earthquake insurance


Find more tips at the City of Vancouver website