2020 Holiday Charity Donation

Because we cannot gather, we give.


This holiday season is different for all of us. In typical years our offices would be celebrating the year with a party or dinner, gathering our agents and staff together for some festive cheer. As we are currently practicing social distancing to help keep everyone safe and heathly this year we’re taking another route to spread the holiday spirit.

Typically our offices have a charitable component to help pay it forward amongst our colleagues. In light of world events, we’ve forgone the parties and events and will be donating to charities and organizations that can help those in need at this time.

In November we kicked off our charitable giving with donations and partnerships in a few offices.

Macdonald Real Estate Group donated 65 boxes of masks to the residents of the London Hotel on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (pictured top-left).

Our Victoria, Sidney and Vancouver Island offices donated to their local Royal Canadian Legion, The Chief & Petty Officer’s Association, and  the Sovereign Order of St. John: Victoria Commandery

Macdonald Realty Vancouver – partnered with our agents and staff to raise over $25,000 for Movember! The office matched donations to reach our goal. In addition, several participants grew moustaches or walked 60km+ each for the month to help raise awareness and funds. 

From Around Our Offices

Our West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Squamish and Sunshine Coast offices have connected to the North Shore Women’s Centre via the REBGV charity drive (pictured top-right).

In Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Delta, Langley and South Surrey our offices are donating their Holiday Christmas Party money to the local Christmas Hamper and Food Bank in each location.

  • Coquitlam Hamper and Food Bank
  • Maple Ridge Friends in Need Foodbank
  • Maple Ridge- Pitt Meadows Christmas Hamper Society
  • Langley Food Bank
  • Langley Christmas Bureau
  • Surrey Food Bank
  • Surrey Christmas Bureau
  • Delta Hamper and Food Bank – Deltassist

We’re #realproud of our offices, agents and staff for their generosity and holiday spirit this season to be donating over $44,000.

The Arthritis Lifestyle Management Guide

The Arthritis Lifestyle Management Guide

The Arthritis Patient Advisory Board (APAB) is comprised of volunteer advocates with arthritis who bring personal experience and arthritis knowledge to research decision-making at Arthritis Research Canada. Their goal is to ensure the patient perspective is represented on research matters related to the prevention, treatment and self-management of arthritis.

Individually and collectively, they communicate research information and findings to arthritis patients, professional organizations and the general public. One vehicle utilized to communicate information to the general public is through The Arthritis Newsletter, a quarterly e-newsletter published by APAB. Of the articles published, the arthritis tips for lifestyle management have consistently been very popular. For the convenience of those interested in utilizing these tips, it was decided to compile these into one practical guide.

The Arthritis Lifestyle Management Guide is a compilation of many techniques used by APAB members to cope with the everyday challenges faced by people living with arthritis. The information provided in this publication is only a guide. It is not intended to replace the recommendations of your health care provider(s). This guide seeks to help people with arthritis by providing alternative approaches to performing everyday tasks that can help make life tasks a little easier and help protect the joints affected by arthritis.

At Macdonald Realty, as the Presenting Sponsor of the 2020 ARThritis Soirée, we understand that #ArthritisIsSerious. We understand that we need to keep talking about this important subject. Over 6 million Canadians are affected by arthritis. Here are some tips that will help make living wiht arthitis  and the every day tasks a little easier.

Find a few tips below and download the free Lifestyle Management Guide by clicking HERE!

In the kitchen, slicing a tomato, for example, can be impossible if you don’t have the right tools when you live with arthritis. Let a food processor do the chopping, slicing, mixing, and shredding. Note: Because of its weight, a food processor is best stored on the counter for easy access.

In the bedroom, it can be exhausting and sometimes impossible to manipulate heavy bedding for those suffering from arthritis. Replacing heavy covers and bedspreads with a near-weightless feather, down, silk or microfibre-filled duvets can alleviate this problem. Another solution to heavy bedding is a lightweight electric blanket. If you have a partner who likes a warmer or a cooler bed than you do, buy a blanket with separate temperature controls.

During a shopping trip, simple tasks can become overwhelming challenges when you live with arthritis. Comfortable shoes are more than important. An occupational therapist can recommend shoe options that will help you deal with your specific needs and advise you if special orthotic inserts are necessary.

Driving a motor vehicle is a basic activity of daily living for many Canadians but it can be more difficult if you have arthritis. Before purchasing/leasing a vehicle, assess your ergonomic needs and physical limitations in order to identify features that would make driving easier. For example, keyless entry systems and push-button starters are useful if you have problems turing keys in doors.

Working toward a post-secondary diploma or degree can be a challenge. Paired with arthritis, the challenge multiplies. Make sure that you’re comfortable with your study materials. Heavy 2 inch binders are burdensome and can make it difficult to find a particular set of lecture notes. Instead, organize different sections of each class into small folders. You can create flashcards on your computer and upload them directly to your phone for on-the-go studying.

As one Arthritis Patient Advisory Board (APAB) member recently observed, “Air travel can be ‘hell’ when you’re dealing with arthritis issues.” Yes, traveling with arthritis takes a little more preparation than normal. If traveling by air, avoid needless questions and possible confiscation by keeping medications in their original, marked containers, or carry a doctor’s note confirming that the prescriptions are for you.

You just want to relax a bit but a simple movement can become overwhelming when you live with arthritis. When purchasing chairs, remember that armrests offer support and help you stand from a sitting position. Also, chairs that are too low or too soft can be difficult to get in and out of. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists can help you choose a chair that is right for you.

Follow #ArthritisIsSerious and help us to spread the word. Arthritis is more serious than you think.
For more information visit their website at https://www.arthritisresearch.ca/lifestyle-management-guide/.


Kohola Point is 2019 HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt

Kohola Point is 2019 HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt

After weeks of endless sunshine, the rain has finally started in Vancouver, BC. While other blogs have posted mostly on Fall décor inspiration, we’re bringing you this piece of paradise in Hawaii, where summer lasts forever.

Kohola Point is 2019 HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt – indeed it’s one of the most amazing homes we’ve ever seen. This family home exudes the perfect combination of ocean view, infinity pool, enormous space and island comfort to the lucky buyer.

Listed by Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers – featured in Luxury Portfolio International.

Kohola Point is 2019 HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt

Kohola Point is 2019 HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt

Kohola Point is 2019 HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt

Kohola Point is 2019 HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt

Wake up to water haven as the ocean views and blue skies as you sip your coffee from the comfort of your home. The vibrant natural colours of nature combined with the minimalist décor make you not want to leave paradise – listen to the soothing sound of waves as it invites you to take in this masterpiece.

Kohola Point is 2019 HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt

Entertain your guests while you prepare fresh catch of the day from the open-concept kitchen – you don’t have to miss out on all the fun! Its rustic design adds warmth, charm and refinement in every detail.

Imagine yourself enjoying this breathtaking paradise – That’s what we call a dream home!

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The program markets over 35,000 properties annually on the award-winning LuxuryPortfolio.com and in prestigious publications circulated around the globe. Encompassing more market-leading independent real estate brands than any network, members are recognized for their agility, expertise and superior competence in both local and global markets. Macdonald Realty is honoured to be the trusted local luxury expert in British Columbia.

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North Delta, Surrey, Langley and Fraser Valley Real Estate Market Statistics – May 2018

North Delta, Surrey, Langley and Fraser Valley Real Estate Market Statistics – May 2018

Here are the latest real estate market statistics from Macdonald Realty on North Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, and Fraser Valley listings and sales in May 2018.

North Delta

In the North Delta market, the benchmark sale price was $958,500 for detached homes. At the end of the month, there were 200 active listings and 38 sales.

The condo market had 8 sales and 24 active listings. The benchmark sale price was $433,400.

Townhomes featured 9 sales, 17 active listings and a $610,000 benchmark sale price.

It’s a seller’s market for condos and townhomes in North Delta.



Okanagan Real Estate Market Statistics – May 2018

Okanagan Real Estate Market Statistics – May 2018

Here are the latest real estate market statistics from Macdonald Realty on Okanagan listings and sales in May  2018.

Central Okanagan: Kelowna and Lake Country

There were 240 sales, 1,069 active listings, and a $723,247 average sale price for detached homes in the Central Okanagan market, including Kelowna and Lake Country. The average days on market were 46.

The condo market featured 148 sales and 509 active listings at the end of the month. The average sale price was $341,761 with 43 average days on market.

Townhome sales were 73, active listings were 314, average sale price was $511,364, and the average days on market were 41.



Greater Victoria, Parksville and Nanaimo Real Estate Market Statistics – February 2018

Greater Victoria, Parksville and Nanaimo Real Estate Market Statistics – February 2018

Here are the latest real estate market statistics from Macdonald Realty on Greater Victoria, Parksville/Qualicum, and Nanaimo listings and sales in February 2018.

Greater Victoria

In February 2018, there were 226 sales of single family homes and 455 active listings in the Greater Victoria. The benchmark sale price was $710,500 with an average days on market of 36. The hottest market for sales was Langford with 46 sales. There were also 3 sales and 98 active listings at the end of the month for waterfront homes.

In comparison, the Condo market had 174 sales, 243 active listings at the end of the month.  The benchmark sale price was $463,100 with an average days on market of 24. The hottest market for sales was Victoria, 64 sales.

Townhome sales were 77, active listings were 95 and the benchmark sale price was $557,200. The average days on market were 29, and the hottest market was Langford with 21 sales.

It’s a seller’s market in Victoria.