We are celebrating our Director, Agent Development’s, Mark Winter, 30th anniversary with Macdonald Realty!

Mark joined the Macdonald Realty family back in 1992, and brought 30+ years of real estate experience to his current role. Through his efforts, Macdonald Realty has gained recognition as the only real estate brokerage in Canada to have earned the International Coach Federation Vancouver Chapter’s CoachingWise Award.

Currently, he is mainly focused on the company’s learning hub, Connected Learning, to help develop our agents’ business. This learning hub offers Start-Up Lab for agents new to the business or those who have not yet developed the framework and habits to find success in real estate, Client Coaching Lab for agents who would like to learn strategies to develop the most effective working partnerships, and Subject Matter Experts where agents can learn how top Macdonald Realty agents have leveraged their expertise in specific areas of the business.

Below are what a few of our colleagues said about Mark.

“Mark has always been a thoughtful and caring friend and co-worker. He has always been a person whose opinion I have valued, and counsel who I have sought, specifically around issues relating to communication and messaging to the company.

Mark personifies many of the best aspects of Macdonald. Specifically our caring and family culture. And his ability to anticipate, understand, and communicate challenges before they arise has helped us keep a positive culture throughout his 30+ years with us.

I’ve always enjoyed my time with Mark, and I look forward to seeing the look on his face when Canada knocks England out of the World Cup this year. 😊

Congrats on 30 years with the company!”

Dan Scarrow.

“I first met Mark when I started with Macdonald Realty approximately 7 years ago at one of the Macdonald Realty conferences & would see him around at company events, company golf tournaments, etc.  Mark was always personable and inviting to talk to.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I had the opportunity to attend one of Mark’s courses in Squamish, it was amazing and opened my eyes to a totally different way of selling real estate by partnering with my clients.  Mark made us do uncomfortable exercises like role playing but by making me do these in front of the group, really made a difference – both in business and personal relationships.  His course was very interactive and you really had to be ‘present’ to attend. I feel like I’ve learned a secret super power!  I’ve taken courses in the past from Richard Robbins and Tom Ferry but I feel that in all of my (almost 20) years of selling real estate, Mark’s course was one of the best learning experiences, had the most impact.

Mark is an extremely talented and knowledgeable individual and a total asset to the company, one of the great reasons Macdonald Realty stands out from other companies.  Mark is very humble and non self promoting (i.e., his published book), which makes him even more personable. He treats everyone like they are a top producer (even if they’ve just started in real estate) and I feel very fortunate to have met Mark.

I wish Mark all the best for the future and on his 30 year accomplishments with Macdonald Realty!”

Carolyn Hill

“I have had the good fortune and pleasure of knowing and learning from Mark for several years.  His considered insights and conversational approach to agent/client relationships shared during his coaching sessions are truly transformational.  Undoubtedly, these workshops, through which he so genuinely and generously shares his wisdom, and his efforts to bring quality content through the subject matter experts series, as well as his book – “A Different Conversation,” has had incalculable benefits for myself and other agents alike.  I strongly encourage all who have the opportunity to share time with Mark to do so.  He is exceptional!

I speak from experience when I say that when one dedicates precious time to something, especially in the world of education, it is often a selfless pursuit, and one difficult to gauge in terms of impact.  It comes with little fan fare and even littler reward (of the monetary variety), but in lieu, it can come with tremendous purpose.  There is no doubt, in my mind, that Mark’s efforts in his commitment to bring out the best in agents is a purpose filled career that has had tremendous impact on others, and the positive outcomes of that impact are far reaching.  It is a career of which he should be enormously proud.  Congratulations to Mark on the recognition of his 30 years with Macdonald Realty.  What a brilliant hire!  Best wishes to Mark in his life, career, and all that lies in the adventure ahead.”

Casey Duncan

“The culture at Macrealty is one that encourages self improvement and building stronger relationships with our clients. Mark carries the torch of
inspiring people to do just that. From hosting the Monday meeting to Connected Learning events, you can trust Mark to show up with a positive
and upbeat spirit. He instills confidence and encourages agents to be at their best while build meaningful careers in this challenging industry.

On a personal note, Mark has been an ear for me during the ups and downs of my time as an agent. I’m appreciative of his genuine interest,
dedication to the craft of coaching and dry wit. I think we all strive to make an impact on others and he has done just that. Congratulation on 30 years Mark!”

Glen Jessup

“Wonder, question, journey beyond—the truth is ever-blooming, and curiosity is a magical thing.” These words written by Laura Jaworski could easily have been penned by Mark Winter. Mark’s enthusiastic quest to understand ‘why’ drives him to excel and inspires those with whom he engages along his journey. When we understand the underlying ‘why’ we can enter another person’s world, appreciate, respect and alleviate their concerns. Mark takes communication to an artform in his coaching, equipping participants with a host of brushes and many colours with which to create a beautiful tableau of open, respectful communication. He is a great asset to the Macdonald Realty Team, supporting each of us in giving clients and colleagues the very best of ourselves.”

Paddy Hall

“Do you know what I like about Mark Winter? Throughout his 30-year career working with Macdonald Realty he shows up on daily basis with a positive attitude and looking for the best in people. He can take a negative situation and flip it around into a positive way that you yourself may not see.

As our chief recruiter of our Vancouver offices, Mark emanates a kind, respectful and knowledgeable energy to everyone he meets. His British accent is also so endearing.

With his superb communication and coaching skills, Mark brings his coaching tools to the table to help agents conduct their business in a way that benefits both agent and client.The training he provides builds confidence in our agents and growth with an improved way to conduct their business. It’s a fun and rewarding experience and can benefit anyone in their daily lives.

When I think of Mark, I think Communication, Teamwork, Listening and Growth, all the skills important to build a companies success! It has been a pleasure working with him and wish him continued success. Happy 30th Anniversary Mark.”

Cathy Read

We are very grateful to have Mark as part of Macdonald Realty family!