November 2022 – Lower Mainland Monthly Update (REBGV & FVREB)

Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley sales are at their lowest in over 10 years.

The most reliable indicator of market prices is the Sales to Active Listings Ratio (SAL). This is the ratio between the number of sales in a given month and the number of active listings at month-end.

In hotter markets in BC, a long-term analysis has shown that prices will usually act in the following ways:

  • 7+ Months of Inventory (Under 14% SAL): Prices will likely DECLINE
  • 5 – 7 Months of Inventory (14% – 18% SAL): Prices will likely be STABLE
  • Less than 5.5 Months of Inventory (Over 18% SAL): Prices will likely RISE

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Lowest number of Sales for October (2,804) in over 10 years. The 10-Year Average for October is 4,439.

Cumulative Year-to-date Sales

Despite the strong start to the year, 2022 YTD sales (39,794) are now 10% below the 10-year average (44,693)


October inventory (15,494 active listings) decreased slightly from the previous month, and remains 20% below the 10-year average (19,142 average).

Sales to Active Listings

 Despite the low sales, low inventory kept the Sales to Active Listing Ratio above 18%, indicating stabilizing prices.

Months of Inventory

Similarly, Months of Inventory grew to 6.1 MOI, indicating a balanced market.

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