VANCOUVER, B.C. – (November 27, 2019) – After 39 years at Macdonald Realty, our CFO Sharon Federal has announced her retirement. Sharon’s dedication has helped Macdonald Realty thrive and grow to become a leader in BC real estate.

Sharon Federal

Sharon’s leadership and guidance have been instrumental to Macdonald Realty growing from a single office with only 25 agents and property managers in 1981 to where we are today. This was recognized in 2013 when Sharon was named Business In Vancouver’s CFO of the Year. Her strong sense of loyalty, dedication to work, and commitment to excellence have been an inspiration and a role model to our younger employees, and her thoughtfulness and compassion have made her friend to many around the office.

Sharon Federal’s 39th Anniversary Celebration And Her Lovely Family

We wish you a long and wonderful retirement, Sharon!