Luxury Portfolio International® has released its latest report, which delves into luxury and real estate trends and the effects of COVID-19.


In this edition, Luxury Portfolio brings how the home becomes an even more significant investment and the impacts the luxury real estate industry presents due to the pandemic.

Here are some of the Luxury Portfolio magazine highlights:

  • Real estate is the next big buy: 61% of those surveyed indicated their next big buy will be a home-related investment.
  • The seller’s market: The current ratio of buyers-to-sellers, on average, is 3 buyers for every 2 sellers.
  • Face-to-face preferred: 61% of affluent buyers and 57% of affluent sellers noted that they prefer face-to-face property tours, with the expectation that agents enforce safety protocols.
  • PLUS: Most popular amenities by home price and generation.

Home is the place where the investment return is not only financial but also high in terms of improving quality of life and has shared benefits with thosewho bring the most meaning to life.
MICKEY ALAM KHAN, President | Luxury Portfolio International®

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