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As we welcome our office in Burnaby, BC we’ve found many fun facts about the city.

With one of the largest parkland to resident ratio in all of North America, with approximately 25% of the city’s land being parkland or open space, Burnaby has ample room to get outside and is a great mixture of the urban environment and natural landscape.

Check out some of our favourite places to visit and as a bonus, celebrity sightings.

Parks & Urban Centre

According to the website Burnaby.ca, the city has one of the highest park land to resident ratio in all of North America.

The city has witnessed significant changes in its demographic profile. It has evolved from a rural and suburban community to a significant urban centre that is socially, economically and culturally diverse. While Burnaby occupies just over three percent of the land area of Metro Vancouver, it accounts for about 10 percent of the region’s population. It is the third most populated urban centre in British Columbia with a population of 232,755 in 2016.

Photo by Nick Zheng – Burnaby, BC

Photo by Nick Zheng – Burnaby, BC

The largest park in Burnaby is called Central Park and is covered mostly with large fir and spruce trees. With 213 acres and 8.5 kilometres of trails for biking and walking the park also offers other general recreational activities.

Japanese Culture

If you never had the chance to visit the Playground of the Gods, home of 50 totem poles created by Japanese artist Nubuo Toko, and his son, Shusheo, you need to add it to your “must to do” list. The totems are located atop Burnaby Mountain overlooking Coal Harbour and symbolizing Burnaby’s bond with its sister city, Kushiro, Japan.

Playground of the Gods, near SFU. Photo by Marlus M. Grecu, released by Daily Hive.

Playground of the Gods, near SFU. Photo by Marlus M. Grecu, released by Daily Hive.


Third-Largest Commercial Mall in Canada

The fantastic Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby, BC is the largest mall in British Columbia, and the third-largest in Canada behind Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall and Ontario’s Square One Shopping Centre, with 27 million customer visits annually. The mall is located adjacent to Metrotown station on the SkyTrain.

Photo released by metropolisatmetrotown.com.

Photo released by metropolisatmetrotown.com.


The Very Famous Carousel at Burnaby Village Museum

Centuries of history are packed into a 10-acre site at the Burnaby Village Museum, you can find more discoveries at www.burnabyvillagemuseum.ca.

The crown jewel of the Burnaby Village Museum is the restored 1912 C.W. Parker Carousel, which visitors can ride for only $2.65.

Burnaby Village Museum is closed for the season. Please check back for updates.

Photo released by adventureawaits.ca.

Photo released by adventureawaits.ca.


Hometown Celebrities

Michael Bublé, Michael J. Fox, Joe Sakic, and national soccer team player Christine Sinclair all came out of Burnaby.

For some real estate highlights: Michael Bublé’s home in Burnaby is more than 27,000-square-foot and is located across from his childhood elementary school.

Michael Buble's home in Burnaby, BC – Photo by Richard Lam/PNG released by Vancouver Sun in 2018.

Michael Buble’s home in Burnaby, BC – Photo by Richard Lam/PNG released by Vancouver Sun in 2018.


We all agree that Burnaby is a beautiful city and it impresses with its strong economic growth and abundance of natural beauty. If you are thinking of purchasing your home in Burnaby, BC you can count on our new Macdonald Realty Burnaby office.

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